Monday, April 16, 2007

Decorating mania!

Since October 2005 we have been renting. The frustrations with this have been having to live with someone elses taste in interior design and panicking anytime any of the kids so much as touches a wall with sticky fingers. It has been hard having to hang our pictures only where someone else has previously put a hook in the wall. The owners of this house were pretty tall and all our pictures are hung so high that we can hardly see them!

At last we can get out the hammer and choose exactly where and when to hang things. Oh the joy of being able to use the tool box again! I used my drill for the first time in age this afternoon. It had seized up from lack of use! The last three days have been a whirl of painting and decorating the kids rooms. We wanted to get the messy part of the painting over and done with before the carpets are laid later this week. Looking at the amount of spilt paint on the bare floorboards I think we made the right choice!

Sian wants a frangipani yellow bedroom. We painted one wall in a strong yellow and used a lighter shade on the other three.
Now that the paint has dried it all looks the same! Never mind. At least she is happy with it.

Rhiannon wanted exactly the same bedroom that she had in England. Green hills, blue skies and some fluffy clouds. We stuck the wooden flowers back on her walls just as they had been before we emigrated.
I have promised to build her a window seat in the alcove behind the floaty pink curtains. She can't wait until she finally gets to have her own room again.

Gareth wants a space room. We have painted it bright blue and are going to paint the space rocket on it tomorrow. He has joined in enthusiastically with his roller "helping" me to add copious amounts of blue onto the already painted walls! There is the slight issue with Gareth of knowing what is going on inside his little head and what kind of rocket he is expecting to see on his wall when it is finished. So far he has mentioned aliens being inside the window of the rocket and being able to climb through to the inside to join them....?

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