Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thank you Granny and Grandad Joe!!!

As we were getting ready to emigrate to Australia we had to make choices about which of our possessions to bring with us and which to leave behind. Two things helped us make up our mind. Firstly, was it worth paying to transport it halfway around the world and secondly would Australian customs let it in....

When it came to all things that were used out of doors they were an automatic no-no. Anything that had any trace of earth on it could result in our entire container being detained (at significant cost) by quarantine. Sadly that meant that the kids had to say good bye to virtually every one of their garden toys. They didn't make a fuss as they watched the playhouse, swing, slide, climbing frame, sand-pit etc make their way down the driveway into friends cars.

When Granny and Grandad Joe heard this they really wanted to make sure that the kids could replace their toys when we got our own house. They gave each child a "leprechaun cheque" for $1000 and said it could be spent on any outdoor toys they liked. We decided to pool the money and buy some communal toys. We bought a large above ground pool to use until we can afford a real one. Another thing we plan on buying is a wooden play house on stilts that we will order when the back garden is levelled. The third thing was assembled today. A massive trampoline with an enclosure! It took a few hours of blood, sweat and tears to put together this morning but it has been a huge hit! The kids now have somewhere to burn off some energy as we do the more mundane DIY jobs in the house.

Thanks Mum and Dad!

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  1. Alex & Myles were green to see this, wishing they were joining in the fun! Be careful everyone!!