Saturday, April 14, 2007

Goodbye Woodruffs!

The Woodruffs have finally had enough of us and decided to leave. After nearly three weeks of living with 10 people they flew back to the UK today via China.

Gina, the kids and I have had a fantastic time with them. It's been a very busy few weeks with loads of activities packed in - we now have plenty of new memories to treasure.

The days were full of visits to beaches, fishing, boating, surfing and trips around the area.

The evenings were full of good food, good wine and good company.... at least I think they were, there are definitely some hazy memories after one too many glasses of Tyrell's merlot. There weren't many early nights at all....

Here's a brief summary of their stay:

  • 1 house
  • 10 people
  • 20 days
  • 30 bottles white wine
  • 10 bottles red wine
  • 44 bottles beer
  • 1 mexican night
  • 2 barramundi nights
  • 1 indian night
  • 3 cars
  • 10 bbqs
  • 2 speedboat rides
  • 1 ferry ride
  • 5 beaches
  • 1 baby kangaroo
  • 1 adult kangaroo on a golf course
  • 1 trip to sydney
  • 1 lads night out
  • 1 girls night out
  • 20 easter eggs
  • 4 sick kids
  • 5 caught fish (including Frank)
  • 1,500 photographs (!!)
  • 1 rubber chicken
  • 2 women tossed overboard
  • 1 book of lists
  • 2 lost trunks in the sea
  • 1 boat race
  • 1 new house
  • 1 science museum

Goodbye to them all, they'll be missed !

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  1. Huge thanks to you all for making sure we had the best holiday ever, it was so good to be with you all again. A greater friend has no girl than her friend will give up her master suite with walk in wardrobe! Back in uk after long journey, & back to earth with a bump. Missing you all, only 1500 photos to look at!Love Woodruffs

  2. i can't tell you how pleased i am to see that the rubber chicken made a post!!!

  3. Yes, thank you for the chicken Jill ! It brings back memories...