Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Apple Slinky.

I love gadgets.

Especially ones for the kitchen.

I have a cupboard packed with strange and unusual things that are designed to make things easier in the kitchen. Anytime I actually decide to use one of these gadgets I open the cupboard, reach in and create an avalanche of falling cookie machines, citrus juicers, non stick rolling pins....

Clearly I don't need any more gadgets. Well that's what I thought until I saw one of these babies in action!

An Apple Slinky machine!!!

How could I have lived without one for so long? How many apples can three kids get through in a day? How long until the novelty wears off and it finds itself at the back of a dark cupboard?

Who cares! For now we are slinkying for breakfast, lunch and tea.

The fruit bowl is disappearing in front of our eyes and the kids are getting their fruit intake for the day without any arguing.


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