Friday, October 31, 2008

Kids School Walkathon.

The kids had a Walkathon in school to raise money to buy some laptops. It was supposed to be last week but it rained heavily in the days leading up to it so it was postponed until today in the hope of better weather. It certainly was warmer. 38 degrees. Hot, Hot, HOT!

The poor kids were covered in sun screen, had their hats on their heads and cold bottles of water in their hands. The loop was just over 1Km long. It started in the school and worked its way through the car park, down through the bush and the sports fields before returning up the hill to the school again.

They were allowed to do as many laps as they wanted but in the extreme heat with intense sunshine and hot wind blowing in their faces many of them were lucky to finish three laps before giving up hot, sticky but proud to have done enough to earn their sponsorship.

After the mornings exertion they had a fun afternoon doing a "Talent quest" A chance to get up on stage and tell a few jokes, sing along to a song or anything else that took their fancy.

Rhiannon did a song about nagging your Dad for a puppy. It was written by Mrs Cootes husband (Rhiannon's teacher) and is based on their daughter when she was younger. Guess what. It worked and Madeline did get a puppy after all her nagging. Great message there for all the easily influenced 8 year olds! Thanks Mr Cootes!

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