Sunday, October 12, 2008

Double Sleepover Swap!

Sian and Rhiannon wanted to do a sleepover with their friends Sophie and Gemma this holidays. We have started to a double swap where the two older girls stay at one house and the younger girls at the other house. This time it was my turn to have the younger, wilder, noisier ones!

The evening itself went quickly. The girls played, had dinner, watched the end of a movie, had hot chocolate (Made by Mr B) with marshmallows, chocolate flakes on top and a slab of Cadbury's top deck on the side! How much sugar do you need to give two already crazy 8 year olds just before bedtime..?! Despite the sugar the girls were good as gold and went to bed whispering and playing Littlest Pet Shop until I turned out the lights.

The next morning it was pancakes for breakfast

....with every possible combination of sugar, lemon juice, nutella, and strawberries possible.

To burn off all that sugar rush we threw them into the pool and decided to put the inflatable boat in too.

They used pure sugar fuelled energy to "motor" the boat up and down the pool at great speed!

They had great fun in it and even tried to sink it by filling it up with water and getting in too!

As you can see the only thing going to the bottom of the pool was them!

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