Friday, October 10, 2008

Weird Wildlife Walk.

We went for a walk along the lakes edge outside Anne and Kel's house today. It was a beautiful day and we brought a picnic of muffins and fizzy orange with us. Little did we know the exciting wildlife we were about to encounter...

The first thing we noticed was swirls of pink in the water of the lake. Was it fish eggs? Algae? We had not noticed anything like it before.

Then we saw a snake! A real black snake coiled around a tree. This was not the first time to see this snake. The kids went for a walk with Anne last month while I was in Sydney with Nessa. They saw a black snake in the same tree that time too. Its tail was slowly moving in the breeze so they had kept their distance from it. Imagine their surprise when we saw it again today. Imagine all our surprise when we realised it was RUBBER!

After a pit stop where we stuffed our faces and drank our orange we turned back. We saw a few odd looking things washed up on the shoreline. They were about the size of an adult shoe, were rubbery and oozing a red liquid? Could they be responsible for the pink swirls in the water?

They almost looked like they had a shell embedded in their backs? When we came across one that was alive we saw it had four protruding feelers almost like a snail.

We guess it is some kind of sea slug?

Any ideas?

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