Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gareth's Classroom.

I help out with reading in the kids school on Wednesdays. When I had finished in Rhiannon's class I wandered over to Gareth's. The room was empty. The Kindy kids were having a library lesson across the playground. I hung around waiting and started looking at the artwork hanging around.

I liked this poster!

Do you think if Byron reads this blog he might go out and buy me a bunch of flowers? A new bottle of perfume? Some freshly baked muffins? Strawberries?

What the hell, I'd settle for a bacon sandwich!

The kids desks have been re-arranged this term and I found Gareth's name.

So this is what school looks like from his perspective...

Before long the kids ran back across the playground and I got to do reading starting with Gareth. I'm home now and have just under 2hrs before getting back in the car to collect them. There are loads of little jobs that could be done, vacuuming, ironing, making the beds, getting started on tea... but I'm blogging! My rebellious streak is fading. I'm off to get stuck in to the boring stuff....

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