Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Snake scare.

I thought you might like to hear about my first snake scare here in Australia.

So far my only experience of snakes has been safely behind glass at the zoo. I am aware that there are plenty of snakes in Australia but luckily not overly common in this area unless you go bush walking. Occasionally though you read stories about snakes finding their way into peoples houses. That's just news stories. That would never happen to me.... would it?

OK. Sit back, take a deep breath. It's 6am. The alarm goes off and I stumble down the stairs to make a cup of tea before the kids wake up. The kitchen is dark and a bit of a mess with things all over the kitchen counter. I reach out to switch on the kettle.

There it is.... dark, coiled and only inches from my hand. My heart goes cold. I mean physically cold. It starts to move, uncoiling faster and faster sliding over the edge of the counter and onto the floor next to my bare feet. I'm frozen, cant breath never mind scream. The adrenaline rushes into my blood-stream and my eyes focus in the half light.

It's not moving anymore... It's staying quiet still on the floor... It's a belt...

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  1. TOOOOOO funny!