Thursday, March 02, 2006


We've had some amazing rainstorms over the past couple of days, Autumn has finally arrived.

Overnight it absolutely poured down...

While cleaning my teeth this morning I heard Gina shriek so I ran into the living room expecting to find a nasty looking bug, but found Gina on her hands and knees mopping water off the tiled floor.

It turned out that there is a leak above one of the living room windows and the force of rain sprayed rain all over the living room floor, covering our tele, hi-fi and satellite box. We're letting them dry out before we even try to turn them on again. Here are some snaps below, most of the water had been mopped up by then, but you can still see water trickling in.

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  1. Hope everything clears up and all electrics works properly. Australia certainly does rain properly.