Saturday, March 18, 2006

St Patrick's Day- The grand finale!

Well, what can I say? It was a great night! I have the hangover to prove it!!!

We started off at the kids Friday tennis lessons and were amazed at how many friends had made a huge effort to wear anything green or Irish!

There was hair spray, confetti, green nail varnish and eye shadow, all being passed around for everyone to use!
By the time we headed into the club restaurant our numbers had grown to over 40!
We all had a feast of Guinness pie and Dublin sausages and the kids ran around waving flags and colouring in pictures of leprechauns and shamrocks.

By the end of the night there was an impromptu Irish dancing lesson. I was the teacher as I felt I was the most qualified....after all I have had lessons (when I was 4!)
By 10pm we had to admit defeat and head home with our exhausted but happy kids. Better to leave voluntarily than to be kicked out by the very patient staff!

We really want to say Thank-you so much to everyone who made such an effort to celebrate with us. It is hard to believe we only arrived 6 months ago, we really feel like we are starting to belong here.

Something tells me this should become an annual event!!!

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  1. Certainly looks as if you all had a good time. Hope there's some whisky left for me?