Thursday, March 09, 2006

Sians Birthday......Part II

Sian decided that she wanted a Chinese meal this evening, so we had a huge banquet, complete with fortune cookies and of course, the dessert that she had already requested (pancakes and strawberries topped with syrup).

Kel, Anne and their daughter Tenelle joined us too, and helped to make it a special occasion for Sian.

What made the day truly fantastic though was the amount of messages she has received over the past week. Emails from friends at St Gregorys School in Northampton, phone calls from friends in the UK (thanks Holly!) have really made her week special.

Of course, the breakfast phone calls from grandparents in Ireland and Wales are always the most exciting time, especially as she's being rushed off to school!

Her official party is this Sunday when she has some friends from her new school coming around for a bit of a makeover party. Byron is making himself scarce for this...

Thanks to everyone!

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