Friday, March 10, 2006


The women have been having quite regular nights out recently, and their conscience has finally gotten the better of them...they felt too guilty to have another night on the town without the blokes going out for some fun too.

Mark had the idea of watching a comedy at the Civic Theatre in Newcastle, and then on for a few swift shandies at the local Irish pub.

The comedy show was hilarious, and in a great setting too. The Irish bar was certainly lively, although the Guinness took almost 20 minutes to be poured - I don't think there is much of it quaffed there regularly. Typical theme pub; old bike hanging off the wall, signs to Tipperary, shamrock posters, live music and dozens of teenagers knocking back Red Bull and spirits slammers...marvellous setting, brought me right back to student days.

Thanks to Mark for organising it.

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