Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sians Birthday......Part III

Phew, what a hectic day...

Gina took the kids to Mass this morning and then on to shopping for party time this afternoon while I was left to do a bit of a tidy at home and cut the grass.

Sian had about 10 of her class mates over for a 'makeover' party - and everyone had a simply fantastic time (although I wasn't aware that many children could make such a din...not sure if buying a drum for Rhiannon at Christmas was such a good idea after all).

The party started off fairly wildy with all the 'mums' (except Monica) sitting outside sipping champagne while yours truly was looking after the party goers...

There was pizza, ice cream, birthday cake, lollipops, fizzy drinks - all the necessary ingredients to really pack those 'E' numbers in good and proper, so it was hardly surprising when there was 30 minutes of uncontrollable mayhem - luckily, at this point, the women decided to take a break from socialising to come and give me some help. Then on to nail varnish, hair colouring and skin jewellry to try and calm everyone down.

Thanks to everyone who came today and for all the very generous gifts. Sian has had a great party.

Thanks also to Kel for sporting a whopping hangover, Anne for spilling drinks, Louise for being a party animal and Paul for keeping an eye on the rugby score.

At least we can have a month off now before Rhiannon's party.

Bring it on.

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