Thursday, March 09, 2006

Rhiannon - The Genius!

Rhiannon has never been too excited about anything academic. She prefers to make silly faces and pretend to be an animal than get stuck into her homework. This year in school she has been getting regular spellings for homework and has just started to get the hang of it. Today when she got home from school she was ecstatic.... she had won a spelling competition! She had even been given a little prize of a small plastic animal. Byron was so proud of her that he told her she deserved some bonus pocket-money at the weekend.

About an hour later I got a chance to ask her more questions about the competition and what kind of words she was asked...... The true story unfolded...... A little girl in her class owned the plastic animal and decided to give it away at lunch time. She offered it to who ever would play her game of spellings. Rhiannon was asked to spell "blagh blagh blagh" and obviously got it right! I think Byron will ask more questions before parting with bonus pocket money in the future!

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