Saturday, March 11, 2006


I was very lucky today - I was on my way to drop Rhiannon off at a party via collecting another girl on the way, when her Dad (Peter) asked if I'd like to go sailing instead.

Is the Pope a Catholic?

Spent a fantastic four hours sailing on his recently purchased 30 foot racing yacht whizzing around Lake Macquarie. The boat was a second hand purchase called The Force, and this was Peter's first time bringing out on local waters to try and view all the different sails that came with it.

It wasn't a case of simply sitting in the boat watching him sail around. Oh no, it was more like 'Grab that rope!', 'Pull that one...faster!', 'Duck!!', 'have a beer!'. Excellent fun, and I was completely knackered at the end. Did I learn fast or what?

As we were nearly finished, Peter found another sail (spinnaker) that he hadn't tried yet. The bag simply said 'Little Darth Vader'. After unwrapping and raising it, we couldn't believe it when there was a 20 foot painting of Darth Vader himself on the sail - it must have looked superb from shore.

Here's a picture taken with my mobile, as requested by Peter:

By the way, Happy Birthday bruv !!

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  1. Superb, I'm very jealous.

    When are you getting your boat?