Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Aussie roadworks

Here in Australia there is a really laid back approach to life. Everything gets done in its own time. Nothing is ever life and death. Maybe it is the warm climate, maybe it is too much Aussie beer. Whatever the reason it is refreshing and if you go with it instead of fighting against it life just seems a little less stressful.

We were stuck in a long tail back at some roadworks today. They are upgrading the only road linking Rathmines where our new house is being built and Toronto where we are currently living. We were kid free and had our freshly brewed coffee in our stainless steel travel mugs stuck in cup holders on the dash. We didn't get too bothered and just enjoyed a chat without the usual kids interupting. As we got nearer to the actual roadworks we burst out laughing. The council truck was decked out in tinsel and the worker holding the "Stop" sign had a Santa hat stuck on over her regulation wide-brim.

Lots of the cars passing were giving a wave to the lady with the sign and somehow it just seemed to sum up the Aussie attitude.

I'm glad we moved here!

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