Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Afternoon.

Christmas morning might have been like many other Christmas' past but Christmas afternoon was going to be different from anything we had ever experienced...

...Christmas dinner on the beach! We packed up the Esky with cold ham and turkey, fresh bread, cranberry jelly, not to mention a warm Christmas pudding with a big tub of Brandy custard!!!

Mr B was in his element. He looked like an excited child, racing around in the waves.

He had endless energy dragging Gareth and Rhiannon around on their Boogie boards.

Sian just braved the surf solo looking like a natural Aussie surf chic!

I sat back on the warm sand and made the ham and turkey sandwiches and poured big glasses of cold ginger beer. Delicious!

Not your traditional Christmas spread but good....

..Damn good!

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