Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

We have had a lovely start to Christmas with a wander down the street in Toronto doing a last few errands. We stopped and had a coffee in a cafe before heading home to get ready for Christmas Eve mass.

The girls played quite an active role with their classmates. There were loads of Angels in white dresses + tinsel and the boys were shepherds.

The Nativity song was made extra special when a boy and girl from St Josephs school played Mary and Joseph and carried their baby brother as baby Jesus.

Gareth fell asleep for most of it but woke at the end a bit dazed and sleepy. He wasn't impressed with the enthusiastic singing and covered his ears with his hands in protest. Mr B being a very supportive "non-catholic-but-I-will-come-along-if-it-is-important" helped out by sitting with a grin on his face copying Gar! Not sure Fr Tom will be too pleased to see us coming along next week!!! I think Mr B will be banned!!!

Mass was followed by a trip to Anne and Kels house to exchange early Christmas presents and then home to get ready for Santa. A very large glass of Byrons best Whisky, mince pies and some Cookies were gathered together. Rhiannon wrote a sweet note telling Santa to tuck in! They were all put on a tray and then three very excited kids were tucked up in bed with empty stockings carefully placed beside each bed.

......A few hours of blissful silence before bedlam begins!

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