Thursday, December 21, 2006

Early start.

Poor Mr B.

Working from home here in Australia has its advantages. He gets to have breakfast, lunch and tea with the kids, has no long commute to work every day and gets handed numerous cups of percolated coffee by his loyal secretary, Me!

On the down side can be the time difference with his US colleagues. Often they have to juggle meeting times so that people in America, India and Australia are able to join in at a time that is not too anti-social to any of them.

He drew the short straw this morning as the only time they could come up with for an important meeting was 4.45am for him. Because we are renting a single level house and Byrons office is next to the childrens bedroom he knew he couldn't talk from there or else Gareth and Rhiannon would be waking up earlier than their normal 6.30am start. Normally during his working day the kids are all at school and in the school holidays I make sure that we spend most of the day out and about so that he can work uninterrupted.

This morning he had a dilemma. Where to make the call from so as not to wake everyone up? The only answer was the garage! He set up his laptop in the speedboat before going to bed, set the alarm for 4.30am and started his day in a very unusual way, having a conference call with his US colleagues while sitting in the drivers seat of the SeaRay up on its trailer in our garage!

I'm not sure if the Americans thought he was winding him up when he said where he was! Here is the photo I took at 7am to prove it!

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  1. Life is tough when you are an eagle

  2. My dad such an early starter sometimes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thats been your office for the last twelve months stop trying to fool everybody now you have been rumbled.