Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Well done Sian!!!

There is a New South Wales initiative to encourage kids to read books. It is called the Premiers Reading Challenge (PRC). The school librarian keeps a record of the books that the kids in school read from a list of recommended titles and the kids try to complete their record sheet over the academic year.

Sians teacher Mrs Merrick has really encouraged her class to participate and has had her class turn into mini bookworms! Sian loves reading and is a competitive kid so this is a dream come true for her. She has been reading books at a ferocious rate and in the last few months has managed to complete 3 PRC's.

After Sian and another pupil completed their 3rd PRC the librarian suggested to the head teacher that they deserved a Principals award to recognize their effort. These awards are very special as only a very few are handed out in any school year.

Byron started work a little later than normal this morning so that he could be there to see her be given it and to join in the applause. We are very proud of her!

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  1. Da Iawn Sian, you'll have to let Grandad know what books you like reading so he can try and find some to fetch over with us next year.

  2. Well done Sian. You always were a terrific little reader.