Monday, December 04, 2006

New Landlords

We have had new landlords for over a month now but only know them by name from the letter we got informing us of the changes to our tenancy.

We wanted to meet them and introduce ourselves as we no longer have a rental agency as a go between to approach when things need sorting. We invited them around for a BBQ this weekend. We did a big clean up of the house as we had offered to let them wander around to refresh their memory of its layout. They are currently renting in the local area and can't wait (like us) to finally move into their own place.

It was a bit nerve wrecking waiting for them to arrive. We wanted them to feel good about us and how we were taking care of their house. When they pulled up in their car our kids shot out the door to say hello. They had two children of similar ages and I think our kids were curious to meet them. They came in to house laden down with flowers, food and drink. They were really down to earth and we relaxed straight away.

We had a great afternoon that went on late into the evening. Far later than we were expecting but time flies when you are having fun! The kids watched a DVD together on the sofa while we opened up yet another bottle of wine, well, you have to be sociable, don't you!

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