Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sleepover at Anne and Kels

We have had many good nights at Anne and Kels.

Generally they involve food, kids watching a DVD in Kel's Cinema room and one of us drinking a generous amount of alcohol while the other (designated driver) has to sit back and watch as everyone has a ball! Anne has often mentioned as it gets late into the evening that we should have thought in advance and come prepared to sleep over so that we can both join in the drunken merriment late into the night while the kids sleep through in one of the downstairs bedrooms.

With Joe and Rhonda heading back to Sydney on Thursday, yesterday was a perfect opportunity to try out this plan. We had a great night as Tenelle made many different and very potent cocktails and the evening ended with the obligatory Irish Coffee made by myself. I was drinking my glass of water between each drink hoping to magically avoid a hangover and miraculously this seemed to work as I felt pretty good this morning!

Poor Byron is back in full work mode so I had to drop him home by 8am. He didn't look very happy as I drove away back to Anne and Kels for breakfast. He looked even less happy when 5 minutes later I drove back up the driveway to collect all our swimmers, lifejackets etc for a day of watersports without him. Looks like Boxing day was back on track but poor Mr B couldn't join in.

Obviously I could say that we had a lousy day and that it was boring being whizzed around Lake Maquarie on Kels speeedboat, the kids hated it and I fell out with my brother and his wife, then got sunburned......

Sorry Byron, We had a ball, (Except the sunburn where I missed a spot on my back - Ouch!)

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  1. Unlucky Byron.You probably could not bring yourself to watch the cricket,and Cardiff are freefalling down the table,lifes tough for an Eagle.Ding Dong.

  2. hi gina hope you all had a great christmas, can't belive how big the kids are now. hope you are all well down under. ciara always talks about rhiannon

  3. Thanks Maria,
    Rhiannon misses lots of the girls in St Gregory's too. Your comment came through three times! It sits in our email until we press a button to publish it. That's why you don't see it appear straight away. Thanks for leaving the message. It is wonderful to think how many people read our blog. We feel like it really helps keeps a link between our old life and our new one!