Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Botanical Gardens.

We went to the Newcastle Botanical Gardens today for their annual children's day.

It was great fun with lots of stalls promoting conservation and re-cycling. The kids paid a small entry fee and then were able to wander around doing lots of free activities.

They made new paper from old sheets of computer print outs.

The sheets of dry paper resembled the lint from the tumble dryer filter but the kids were happy!

Homemade cards from pressed autumn leaves.

Craft figures from playdough and nuts, seeds, leaves and bark.

They also got a chance to plant cuttings of native plants.

I've no idea what a "Woolly bush" will grow up into but I am sure we will find a spot for it in our new garden!

We have three Grass Heads on our kitchen windowsill that will sprout hair over the next 10 days. They look hideous. Not dissimilar to brains floating in jars of formaldehyde! Pictures will follow...

All in all a great day and out of the house which has to be a bonus with Byron working from home!

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