Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sandstone walls, continued...

Another Saturday morning and no rest for the wicked.

7am and we woke to the sound of the cement mixer starting up in the back garden. Paul and Mitch were getting stuck into another days hard graft.

For the last few weekends they have had a third guy with them to help lug around the big sandstone blocks, mix cement and be general dogsbody. Well today it was different. They had a new apprentice on the job. He was a bit of alright.

I spent a pleasant day pottering around the house having sneaky peaks through the windows and going out regularly to offer cups of tea and coffee.

It is a real shame that this will be the last weekend the guys will be here flexing their muscles. I'll miss the eye candy ......especially the new guy. I might have to think up some more landscaping jobs to keep him coming back.

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