Thursday, July 26, 2007

Who turned out the lights?

We have been manically running around doing lots of DIY in preparation for Byron's parents trip. (8 days and counting ....AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!)

Last month we hadn't got a single blind or curtain on any downstairs window. Over the last month we have hung one bamboo blind, two sets of curtains, six sets of venetians and two roller blinds.

Some of the windows are particularly wide and we cant get standard blinds off the shelf. One room with big windows is the TV room at the back of the house. We didn't want curtains or anything fancy or flouncy. The rest of the room is very plain and simple. A friend suggested external roller shutters. They are invisible from the inside until you turn a dial and then they smoothly wind up or down using an electric motor. You can totally shut out all the light, even in the middle of the day. It makes watching a film on the TV more dramatic when the sunglare is eliminated. You can even choose to have them 99% shut which allows a small amount of light to still filter through. They are also able to filter noise. Not such a problem for noise coming in from outside but a huge bonus for our neighbours because Byron uses that room to practise his saxophone in!

They were installed this morning. The fitter said he would be here early this morning. I didn't think he meant 7.15am! It was a quick and easy installation and we are really happy! No more feeling like fish in a fishbowl at night. Here are some pictures taken in the middle of the afternoon...

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