Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Sofas!

We have had another furniture delivery. At least this time it didn't entail hours of flat pack assembly and cursing at vague instruction sheets.

We have a room downstairs that is called "Formal Living" on the house plans. In the show house they had some sofas and a coffee table and it looked like a perfect place to sit down with the Sunday papers and read them cover to cover with no noisy kids around - We can dream!

We were hoping to get this room usable before Byron's parents arrive so that we have a choice of places to sit in the evening. I don't think any of us want to spend every evening of their 14 week stay sitting on the same sofa in a row watching TV! We hope that with the big TV room, this new formal living, the balcony and the Hot Tub (Which arrives this Saturday - Yipppeeee!!!) we should be able to spend some evenings together and some apart to add a little variety to our week.

Off we went to the local retail parks a few weeks ago just to have a look... It was 20 minutes til closing. The friendly sales man warned us that any sofa we ordered would take about 6 weeks to arrive. It was 5 weeks till Byron's parents arrival so we started feeling we needed to choose something asap. We saw a leather sofa that we liked the look of. It was on special offer and guess for how long..? Until close of business that day. Nothing like a little bit of friendly sales man pressure to get the wallet out! With 5 minutes till closing we found ourselves looking at a swatch of 10 different coloured leather samples. We might as well have put on a blindfold and pointed our finger randomly. We argued the benefits of calm muted colours, Chocolate , Black, Latte and then spontaneously agreed on a vibrant "Burnt Orange"!

I was a bit worried that we hadn't had time to make an informed decision but the deposit was paid and all we could do was wait. We got a phone call last week to say that the sofas had arrived early and would we like them delivered the next day!

So here we are with our "Parents oasis", Sunday papers, no kids.... Try telling Rhiannon and Gareth that! They think the new sofas are great!

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  1. They look very nice can't wait to try them out