Monday, July 02, 2007

World Youth Day '08

It will be World Youth day in Sydney this time next year.

In 1984 a cross was given to Catholic youth by Pope John Paul II. It is being passed from youth group to youth group, parish to parish all the way around Australia over the coming months until it finally reaches Sydney. It will arrive on a Coastguard boat on the 23rd of July in Spears Point near where we live. The kids will have a day off school to join in the day of celebrations. There will be Aboriginal dancing and music to acknowledge Australia's heritage as well as Irish music because the Irish were among the first to send priests to the area. All the children will be given a prayer bracelet to keep as a reminder of the day. 1000 kids are expected and volunteers were needed to make some.

I volunteered to make 100 thinking that they were small and easy. They ended up being really hard work. The pile of 5500 wooden beads was bigger than I had anticipated! I thought each bracelet would be a 5 min job but it took more like 15 mins each. 100 bracelets x 15 mins each = 4 bracelets an hour... Do the maths on that one! 20 bracelets into the job and I was having second thoughts. Luckily a group of friends decided to chip in and help. One clever idea was to put all the beads and elastic for one bracelet in a small plastic bag then hand them out as a "Free Craft Activity" Clever idea, but I wasn't sure I would get away with that one! One chilly day in the park, kids cycling around, hot coffees from the thermos and 6 extra pairs of hands and all the bracelets got made. Thank you so much Claire, Maree, Wynona, Peter, Dave and Steve! I don't think you knew what you were letting yourselves in for!

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