Sunday, July 22, 2007

Wild West Trivia Night

Last night was the annual school fundraiser.

It is a fancy dress evening with seven rounds of trivia questions. Extra points are awarded for dressing up and joining in party games etc.

This years theme was "Wild West"

We turned up as a bunch of scruffy bad-boy cowboys and Saloon girls. We were pretty convincing with the men having a weeks worth of stubble and us girls wearing our best push up bras!

By half time our table was in the lead and we were having a ball. Too much of a ball because as we carried on drinking into the second half we slid down and down the score table!

One of the funniest games we took part in was trying to waddle across the stage with a dollar coin wedged carefully in our rears.

When we reached the far side we had to unclench so that the coin fell into a small foil dish. At one point having managed to transport my coin and having unclenched I looked down and couldn't see it anywhere. I yelled out "I lost my dollar" only to look up and see that all the spectators were howling with laughter! They assumed I had hidden it too well never to be seen again!!! I found it rolled onto the carpet but we didn't win that particular game!

Mr B did win us a set of two cinema tickets in a different game. I will save them for a good night out when my in-laws come to for their 3 month holiday.

I was driving so I feel fine this morning but Mr B joined in the rounds of beer with great gusto and is lying in bed trying to stop the room from spinning! I think it is going to be a long day.....

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