Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Office upgrade

We have been in the house 3 months now and are making our way room to room doing whatever improvements we can do within each month's paycheck.

This month's splurge was the family office. We had been using an outdoor patio table for the pc and had no storage at all for all of our box files and my craft stuff. After lots of unsuccessful furniture shopping attempts we saw a great range of mahogany office furniture that we both loved.

We made a phonecall to place our order to be told that we may have to wait up to four weeks for our whole order to arrive as some items were out of stock. They promised that as each item came in they would deliver it at no additional cost to us. Early the next morning we opened the door to find that our desk and bookcase number one was being unloaded from a lorry on our kerb! Four days later and the same delivery man was bringing up bookcases two, three and four! Another couple of days and our filing drawers were here and finally today the last cabinet has arrived and we are now on first name terms with the friendly delivery driver!

Our office space is transformed and it is a great feeling to have all the box files and folders behind closed doors.

Another bonus was being able to finally unpack boxes and boxes of our good things from the UK. All of our wedding presents made it over in one piece despite being transferred between four houses since September 2005.

To celebrate we used our finest Waterford Crystal wine goblets to toast each other with the only bottle of red wine in the house.

I think there is a saying about Waterford Crystal "A good wine deserves a Waterford glass and a bad wine needs it". Well our cheap bottle of wine went down very easily and tasted great!

Slainte and Cheers to the future !!!

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  1. I know for a fact that Byron doesn't do enough work to warrant two monitors! ;o)

  2. With an office that nice bruv, you should have your own parking space marked out aswell me thinks !!............very nice !!