Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cocoons, Continued.....

Our silkworms remain in their bright yellow cocoons but the box they were in was getting very stinky. The last remaining Mulberry leaves were starting to break down and the box was getting soggy so we thought for health and safety reasons that the cocoons needed to move home!

We got a new box and gently disentangled the cocoons from their old leaf litter and transferred them onto some fresh leaves in the new box.

We have been told that it takes two to three weeks in the cocoons before the Silk Moths emerge.

I am trying to gently suggest to Gareth that when this happens we will let them go free into the garden in search of a Mulberry tree to start the process of eggs, silkworms and cocoons again. One lot of pet silkworms is more than enough for now - unless any of you fancy us passing along the second generation? Joe? Rhonda? Carrie? !!!

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