Sunday, October 07, 2007


It was a hot day today and we spent the day pottering around the house and getting in and out of the pool. When it cooled down in the afternoon Rhiannon went off fishing with Byron and his Dad.

Rhiannon was really independent putting her own bait on the hook and casting off without any help. Despite Grandad having some fancy "spinners" he had bought this week she was the only one to catch a fish! When they were finished we joined them and handed out some cold beers. It seemed like a good idea when we were leaving the house but the temperature had dropped and they were all looking a bit blue when we got there. There was a slight bit of drizzle but not enough to need an umbrella. An older man that was passing by stopped to chat to Byron and gave him following three pieces of advice...

The three times you should never go fishing....

1: When it's cold
2: When it's raining
3: When you've got kids with you!

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