Thursday, October 04, 2007


I've not updated the blog much on my guitar making in recent months. I have been going religiously every Thursday night since the course began and am making good progress. I have the sides, neck and soundboard all attached together and have made braces for the back. It has been slow but steady progress with some weeks seeing big change and some weeks passing by in a row making tiny wooden braces that were tedious and not so "wow factor"!

I am in the last month of the course and Strato has optimistically set a date for a party to celebrate the end of our course! He thinks I am about two weeks away from the guitar body looking complete and then just needing a few aesthetic tweaks.

Although I can see the shape of the physical guitar forming in front of me it is still a complete mystery as to what quality the sound of the guitar will be. I thought that I would not know until the strings went on but this week Strato revealed a "magic trick" taught to him many years ago. He got out a tiny old fashioned wind up music box. When he sat it gently on the soundboard and turned the handle the sound magnified and exploded around the workshop. It sounded 100 times better than just playing the music box into the air. It showed how the soundboard vibrates and creates amazing sounds from a simple note. I am not an expert but Strato certainly is and from the look of excitement on his face and the twinkle in his eye as he listened to my guitar amplify the music I think this is going to be a great guitar!

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