Monday, October 29, 2007

Silkmoths continued...

The silkmoths are certainly worth their weight in entertainment value. They are mating left, right and center and the kids have been watching them with wide eyes!

This morning as we came down for breakfast we actually saw a moth emerging from the cocoon. It was very exciting. We were convinced it was in some way damaged because it looked more like a silkworm than a moth. Over the next hour it dried off and started pumping its wings and by the time the kids went to school it was starting to look more like the other moths. By the time I came home from the school run it had found a friend and "fallen in married" as Gareth calls it!

Another pair that had "married" yesterday had started laying their eggs.

The question is now "What do we do with them?"

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  1. "The question is now "What do we do with them?""

    You're in Australia... don't you just eat them like witchetty grubs? :)

  2. If you tell me who you are "Anonymous" I will invite you around for a witchetty grub barbie!

  3. Forgot to enter my name. Sorry. I'll pass on the grubs though if it's all the same!

  4. Not a problem, We will stick to the usual...
    Goat, Kangaroo and Croc!!!