Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"Leg of Goat anyone....?"

Our friend Kel went off shooting in the bush a few weeks ago with a couple of friends, Peter, who is of Aboriginal descent, and another friend who is a butcher. Imagine our delight when Kel presented us with a fresh leg of goat on his return.... Peter said it would be fantastic if it was roasted in the oven or BBQd.

Not having ever cooked Goat before I decided to do a search on Google. Lets just say that I learned a lot about Goats from some varied and interesting sites but was still in the dark about how to cook it...! After ringing Anne, who rang Peter, who rang me, it was agreed to put it in the oven like a normal leg of lamb. A couple of hours later and the aroma of roast Goat was tickling our noses a treat.

Anne, Kel, Myan, Den and Byron were looking very dubious about dinner but as we all tried a small piece off the carving tray we agreed it was not vastly different to lamb, just a bit tougher and a bit of an after taste. I cant say it was one of the nicest roasts I have ever eaten but it wasn't the worst either.

When it came to cleaning up afterwards we looked at the left over slices of Goat and tried to work out if we should keep them to use again tomorrow or whether to just call it quits and say enough Goat for one week. Somehow the idea of Goat sandwiches helped us to make up our minds pretty quickly!

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