Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rhiannons World Record Attempt.....

Rhiannon is fascinated by the Guinness Book of Records. She loves finding the most bizarre and unusual facts in it. Last night she showed me what appears to be a tiny tooth growing out of the side of her gum. It is small and narrow and sharp, almost like a pin.

At first I thought it was the tip of a larger tooth growing at the wrong angle but it wobbles and seems to be a real tooth, just a tiny one! Minutes later Rhiannon was on the Internet searching the Guinness World Records site where she found out about the worlds smallest tooth.

A primary tooth (tooth E) extracted under local anaesthesis from Colton Laub (USA) on October 30, 2002 by Dr. Scott Harden (USA) at Fountain View Family Dentistry, Acworth, Georgia, USA, measured 3mm (0.1 in) long. The average length of a microdont tooth is 13 mm (0.5 in).

Having had Byron measure her tiny tooth at just under 2mm above the gum line she is sure she stands a good chance of being in the 2008 Edition! We are off to have a check up at a local dentist next week and for now Rhiannon has really high motivation to scrub her pearly whites and keep them in tip top condition!

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