Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Posh Morning Tea.

Morning Tea is a snack you have mid morning to keep you going till lunchtime. I thought it was a childish term reserved for pre-school but it seems even grown ups can do morning tea too.

It is the school holidays and the kids wanted to bake something. They aren't daft. Its a sure way of having something nice to eat!

We decided to try and make white chocolate and raspberry muffins. After downloading a recipe from the Internet we got to work mixing and licking spoons etc. As the muffins baked we decided we would get the kitchen cleaned up and make invitations for Dad, Nanny and Grandad to join us for a "Posh Morning Tea" The kids went to town setting the table, putting little umbrellas in the drinks and lighting candles (even though it was only 10am)

The invitations were delivered by hand and the kid showed their guests to their chairs (complete with name settings) Gareth asked what sensible food we needed to eat first and his eyes lit up when I told him there was no sensible food at posh morning tea!

We tucked into our warm muffins and some carrot cake, fizzy orange and tea and coffee. It was great fun and we were stuffed when we finished. Gareth was the only one who looked like he had spare room in his tummy and asked if we could do "Posh Afternoon Tea" later......

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