Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The blog that got away!

One of the activities that Sian and Rhiannon did during the last few weeks that never got blogged was a days art course. It was held in the grounds of Awaba Art Gallery and they were shown how to use pencil, pastels and watercolour to draw a variety of pictures.

The teacher was a local artist who was very nice but politely made sure us Mums were sent away to leave her teach without an audience!

The girls were brought down to the lakes edge and spent time using their new skills to sketch and draw what they could see around them.

I was busy keeping Gareth amused on his bike and managed to sneak a photo on my mobile phone. Rhiannon is in the pink hat and is back to back with Sian in the blue baseball hat. I just downloaded the photo onto the computer today so better late than never!

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