Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Australia Day!

Today is Australia Day. And we've had such a great time!

It's a national holiday and a day of flocking to the nearest park or beach with Esky and picnic rug for a day of fun, food and family entertainment. Aussie flags abound (including temporary tattoos on faces), fireworks are exploding as I type, barby kicked into action again, suncream, ice cream and lashings of messing around in the swimming pool.

The main part of the day was taken up by a trip to Speer's Point park where we watched a big ceremony of people awarded their Australian Citizenship by the mayor.

Our friends, the Gael family, were the very proud recipients of their new nationality and it was poignant for us as a family because 2008 is the year that we become official Australian citizens too. Congratulations to Clare, Keith and their children!

We spent a superb time at the park enjoying the live music and arcade rides; we all went on a huge ferris wheel, Gina and Sian went on a high-speed rocket ride which was not for the fainthearted.

Rhiannon and Gareth were more than adventurous and dared the rock climbing wall. There was a pool there too which cooled down the children as it was turning into a scorcher.

Then back home for a swim in the pool (the kids are like fishes), a quick barby washed down with generous portions of wine and wistful thoughts of family and friends back home in the UK and Ireland.

It's days like this that make us glad we now live here.
It's days like this that make us wish you could be here to experience it too.

Here's a video of how the kids finished off their day in the pool:

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  1. Despite the sun Snowy shines through - you know what we mean Mr B!!!! even the facial hair is on the turn! Looks like you all had a good day.