Saturday, January 12, 2008

Day trip to Shoal Bay

We did a spur of the moment day trip to Shoal bay today!

We raced around and jumped in the car with beach towels and body boards. Just over an hour later and we were breathing in the smell of the sea and wandering around the pretty seaside shops and coffee bars.

We had brought a picnic for lunch and after a few hours on the beach we went to the Hogs Breath Cafe for tea. When we just getting ready to leave there was a commotion on the balcony. We joined the group of diners who were pointing out a large crane on the nearby jetty. There was a MASSIVE shark at the end of its chain being hauled out of a fishing boat.

Good job it was the end of a lovely day and not the beginning or we may have been a little more squeamish about letting the kids in the water!

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