Wednesday, January 30, 2008

First day back at School.

Today was Sian and Rhiannons first day back at St Josephs.

They were up at 6.45am and were dressed in their uniforms and in my bed before I made it back up the stairs with a cup of tea! Breakfast was eaten in double quick time and they ran around brushing hair, teeth and putting on their sunscreen without any agro. Oh, the enthusiasm of the first few days of term! How I wish I could bottle it up and keep it in reserve for a few weeks down the track!

We made it out onto the driveway bang on 8.15 and had time for a quick photo as requested by Granny in Dublin! Granny not only wanted a photo, she requested one showing everything from the top of their hats to the bottom of their shoes! Just to be sure they turned around and we took one of their backs too! Hope that is what you wanted Granny! Fingers crossed you will be over here seeing them in the flesh before too long!

We drove off to school and despite leaving early we got one of the last car spaces. The car park was overflowing as lots of parents took time off work to see their kids settled into their first day back. Each year the kids have to wait until after assembly to find out which teacher they have and which group of friends they will be with. There are usually two classes of about 25 kids in each year. Each January they mix them up a little to keep a balance of ages, boy/girl and abilities. Although it makes sense it is unsettling waiting to find out if they will be in the same class as their special friends.

This year both Sian and Rhiannon were so lucky to not only get their favourite of the two potential teachers for year 3 and 5 but also to be in class with their closest friends. I watched them go into their new classrooms with big grins on their faces and drove away from the school feeling very happy that they are in for a great year ahead.

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