Friday, January 18, 2008

The Bug Man

For some reason we've experienced a huge increase in the number of spiders in and around the house. Perhaps it's the increased heat and humidity, or maybe because we've disturbed plenty of earth in our garden during landscaping.

Whatever the reason it reached a point where something needed to be done...

Now these aren't your normal spiders you can simply pick up and throw out of the back door. We found dozens of redbacks all over our steps, kitchen chairs and even Gina's ironing board (does that give an insight into how often it gets used if a spider can create a home in it?). Redback bites are very toxic and needs a trip to the hospital.

We also found white tailed spiders. These nasty little things can cause skins ulcerations called necrotising arachnidism.

Anyhow, enough was enough and I called the local bug man to come around and treat the garden. It was a scorching 34C and this poor fella was dressed in overalls and breathing apparatus, and sounded like Darth Vader when he asked me did I have any fish. Any fish?? Apparently, the poison he sprays is fairly powerful and not friendly to pets.

"Stay inside the house sir, and make sure all windows and doors are closed". Ok!!

One hour later and the bug man knocked at the door, soaking in sweat and covered in bug poison droplets. He wanted a drink (I threw his glass in the bin afterwards in case I accidentally used it later). When I asked him how well the massacre went he seemed pretty pleased by his performance, and jokingly referred to the tarantula he found at the top of the garden. I sniggered nervously until I realised that he was deadly serious, he even showed me the dead fiend.

That's right, TARANTULA.

So, do you still want to come and visit?

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  1. no

  2. You're lucky Anne, d'ya think I getta choice!