Sunday, January 20, 2008

Rain, rain, rain....

The weather has been a bit damp over the last couple of weeks. Our outdoor playtime has been limited and the mountain of dirty laundry has been growing at a fast rate.

Our just-barely-over 12-months tumble dryer died a sad death on the last week of Byron's parents visit. Maybe it was over work or maybe it died of a broken heart as they packed their cases to leave. It certainly had never been used so much in its short lifetime.

The bottom line is that our clothes are now line dried or not at all. I looked optimistically at the patchy blue sky yesterday and ran upstairs to strip our bed and shove it in the washer. By mid afternoon it was pouring down and the soggy wet linen was draped all around the kitchen. I stubbornly refused to admit defeat and put an older linen on the bed. There had to be a logical way of drying it by bedtime.

As always logic won the day and that night we did fall asleep in freshly washed and dried bed linen. Nothing beats the smell of line dried sheets on a fresh summers day.

...... nothing that is except perhaps oven dried !!!

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