Thursday, May 28, 2009

Breakfast with Granny and Grandad Joe

Granny and Grandad Joe live in Ireland. Every few weeks we find brown paper parcels in our letter box with colourful stamps with birds on them and a big green customs label. The kids don't even hesitate to read who the envelope is addressed to. They already know it is "CHOCOLATE BUTTONS FROM IRELAND!"

This week our delivery took a different route...?! They were hand delivered by Uncle Joe and Auntie Rhonda! In the excitement I didn't get to question who, what, when, where, why... I assume they were in a parcel Joe and Rhonda had received from Ireland. It was just before tea was served so I hid the envelopes away behind the toaster thinking I would get them out when dinner was over. I forgot, ooops!

As I cleaned the kitchen late last night I saw the envelopes again. I set the breakfast table and sat each kids envelope in their cereal bowl.

I was gone to work this morning before the sleepy heads had woken up so I didn't get to see their reactions to having breakfast with Granny and Grandad Joe but I hear it was a very noisy and exciting affair!

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