Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Secret according to John.

Do you want to be let in on a secret?

Byron was given something this weekend. Something a bit surreal and strange. Our eminent and true blue Australian friend the charismatic Dr John Newton has some great stories about his life. He is a great storyteller and has been places and done things that will make your eyes wide in amazement.

Johns gorgeous wife Maree (Of course she would be gorgeous, John has impeccable taste!) approached us on Saturday and said she had something from John for Byron. She passed on a very specific message. This thing was secret. It was being given to Byron because he had passed the test and was now being invited into a very exclusive club. A secret club. If Byron carried this gift from John with him it would get him out of any scrape or situation anywhere in the world. It would identify him internationally as being part of an Australian Secret Society. No matter how dangerous or troublesome a predicament he would find himself in, this would get him out of it...

All you need to do now is work out what it is....

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  1. Is it a napkin holder?


  2. Afraid not Monica, A napkin holder may be a thing of practical decor but it wont talk its way out of a night in the cells like this little beauty!

  3. I know what it is but I won't spoil the fun as I've seen it in full use amazing little thing. Karen