Monday, May 11, 2009

Posh food.

Do you buy branded products in the supermarket? Are some names worth paying over the odds for?

If your name is Gina and you like olives then I guess the answer is yes!

We went to a shop called Bibina this weekend for the first time. It is a huge warehouse style shop packed with imported foods. We found lots of familiar European brands and lots of products we could only guess at what they were!
Apart from the Gina olives they had some Byron Bay products. For those of you that know my better half is called Byron and our surname is Baynham you will get that this was funny for us!

I also found myself thinking of a school friend when I saw these Tania branded Anchovies.

I hope Tania doesn't take offense that I associated her with a strong smelling fish!

Have you got a food named after you?

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