Saturday, May 09, 2009


Gareth brought someone home from school with him this weekend.

His name is Tiny and he is a small furry horse.

He needs to go wherever we go and then return to school with Gar on Monday complete with photo journal of what he has been up to.

This morning Tiny was stuffed in the sports bag with rugby boots, water bottle and skull cap and off we went to Mayfield where the Macqaurie Roos were playing against the Mighty Easts. He had a great time watching the action from the sideline.

At the end of the match he climbed the posts for a victory photo with Gar.

Seconds later we were being yelled at to get off the pitch because another game had started and an ugly mob of adult rugby players were thundering down the pitch towards us and the try line!

Then he was off to Owie and Zacs joint birthday party at the local bowling alley.

Tiny had fun with all the kids and got to join in with some Birthday cake.

Tiny also managed to sneak into the shops with us and escaped down the sweety aisle. We found him buried in bags of lollies and had a hard job getting him to come back in the car with us.

He is pretty exhausted now so we are going to tuck him up in bed with Gareth soon. One very exciting day down and one more to go.

Watch this space for tomorrows adventures with Tiny!

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