Thursday, May 07, 2009

Flat Kayla

We have a visitor in our house at the moment. She is all the way from the United States of America. She is very small and rather flat. Her name is Flat Kayla!

If I understand the concept correctly she has been very busy since she left Plank North Elementary School in New York.

She has been visiting new people and they have been sending postcards back to her teacher Miss Conlon.

Flat Kayla went to school with Rhiannon today to see what an Australian school was like. When it was time to collect her she posed for a photo with Rhiannon, Gareth, Sian, Sophie, Gemma and Isaac.

We have made our postcard from this photo and it will go in the post to Miss Conlon in the morning. We have really enjoyed participating in this social experiment.

Safe onward travel Flat Kayla! And if you ever get to read this blog please leave a message for Sian, Rhiannon and Gareth. They would love to know that you got home safe.

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  1. that's so funny, when I was younger I did "flat stanley"! I got so many postcards from all around the world, it was way too much fun. Glad to know the tradition continues...