Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day today. A day of cups of tea, breakfast in bed, excited kids with cellophane wrapped presents and homemade cards.

Yesterday we were in a local shopping center. A girl was giving away single stem flowers to kids to give their Mum's. My kids chose a yellow tulip. It was beautiful but it was a hot day and by the time we got home it was limp and pretty much beyond rescuing, or so I thought.

The kids were upset. They hatched a plan. They filled a glass with water and put some sugar in it. The found a wooden stick and some sandwich bag twist ties and made a splint along the floppy stem.

This morning the yellow tulip was looking happy and perky. It sort of sums up Mums and kids really.

Sometimes life is tiring and we feel like the floppy stemmed tulip. But with a little love and help from our kids we wake up each morning strong and ready for whatever the day has in store!

Happy Mother's Day to all you hardworking Mum's out there.

I hope your day has been as filled with fun and love as mine was.

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  1. Okaaay, and what about Hubby who waited on you hand and foot all day?

    Happy Mother's Day Mrs B....!

  2. Mr B,
    I've had the best day ever. All waiting on has been hugely appreciated. You are brilliant and you have set a very high standard for Fathers Day!!!