Friday, May 29, 2009

"Sew late" sewing!

Rhiannon has had a bit of a growth spurt. Her school tracksuit pants that she wore last winter are half way up her shins. During the summer she wore the school shorts but now it is CHILLY and she desperately needed warmer bottoms. We searched all the local (and not so local) shops looking for a new pair her size with no luck. All we could find was age 4 or 10.

Eventually we settled on a size 10 with a drawstring waist and legs that were ridiculously long. Nothing a sewing machine couldn't put right I thought....

Note to self: Don't leave clothing adjustments to the actual morning they are needed!

At 8am this morning, in my pj's, hair sticking up wildly and 20minutes before we needed to be driving to school, out came the sewing machine...

Rhiannon was good as gold. She stood on the table while I pinned, cut and sewed furiously. Job done, I threw the new shorter legs at her and raced upstairs to get dressed as she proudly put on her perfectly adjusted pants. I wish I could describe my state of mind the same way!

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